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Evening folks
Evening folks
As you have no doubt noticed the site is taking a while to kick off with lots posting?
I promise its gonna work, the problem is the current system is sub standard to be honest.
Many members/guests view the site on mobiles and this system is old school and doesn't currently cater for mobiles yeah bit poo.
However I'm in this for the long haul and in due course I will pay for the right platform to make it succeed (the same as BBIA).
Many are opting for the cheap option at the moment but I have no doubts that the format we aim for is the right option.
I have been doing these websites for around 18 years now and see so many trends come and go.
Mobile is a huge part of people's lives these days so the best system for that is an important aspect of our success, not just in a years time but in the next decade!
In the next few months we will be moving over to the better system, however it's not cheap so we do need to make sure we are building something special.

Don't worry about what happens in the next few months being lost, "it wont" the site will be converted to the new setup, mambers, posts, images everything! 

I sincerely want this site to be a members site where members help in its success and direction so please give us input in the suggestions forums.

Please come forward with your feedback good or bad.
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