Full Version: A warm welcome to Bird Keeper UK!
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A warm welcome to Bird Keeper UK! 
Our forums have been setup to promote the hobby and to help members get the most from breeding their birds.
We are a friendly community of like minded bird keepers who are here to help novice and experienced bird keepers with help and advice were possible so we can all enjoy our hobby better and succeed in breeding the birds we choose to take on.
On Bird Keeper UK no one is better than the next, this must be respected. 
We cover all species of bird’s inc. seedeaters, softbills, pigeons and doves all hookbills, poultry such as quail etc. the only area we don’t cover are British Birds in Aviculture Inc canaries, these species are catered for on our sister site British Birds in Aviculture
Please share our link and help spread the word about our forums.

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Karl  Smile
Thanks James much appreciated  Cool
Hi Karl,

Good to be back mate, hopefully we'll get some response on here,

I'll try to post what I can and get some interesting threads and info going and sure that that no doubt James will put a few bits up  Big Grin

Speak soon
Much appreciated Stuart  Smile
Smile hi all I'm tim from Gloucester and keep ,ringnecks,meyers, alexandrines and conures, will be nice to share knowledge about all the birds we keep.
Welcome mydog, brilliant selection of birds you have Smile
thanks karl nice to see a bird forum where people can share there knowledge and help with any problems